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Performing in "Two Rooms"

So thrilled to share that I have been cast in the role of Ellen in the staged reading of the play Two Rooms by Lee Blessing. This productions is produced by Laura Mansoori and directed by Monica Tamborello.

CAST: Sean Powell, Anthony Pyatt, Jr, Clare Lopez and Laura Mansoori

Performances will be Friday September 2nd & Saturday September 3rd at 7:30 p.m. at Theatre South Playhouse. To purchase tickets go here.

Two rooms, both stripped of almost everything. One in Beirut, where Michael is held hostage. One in the United States, where Lanie attempts to understand Michael's circumstances and connect with her husband. Weaving in and out of real conversations and illusions, Two Rooms tells the story of Lanie's struggle as she tries to decide the best maneuvers she can make to bring her husband home. Does she continue her silence as requested by her government contact from the State Department? Or does she align with a reporter eager to tell her story to the Nation? In your most vulnerable moments how do you know who to trust and what to believe? And if no one succeeds, where do you find the courage to move forward?


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