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Clare Lopez- We are Her

Hello Friend!

        I'm overly fond of the color yellow. When I'm not  playing ukulele, or being paid to play make believe with children, I can be found baking, hiking a new trail, or reading a book in a cozy sweater. I'm girl who wears her heart on her sleeve, I'm known to experience ‘all the feels’ in any given situation (let's be honest, it's usually over a Dickens novel, or an episode of Parks & Rec).

     I grew up a middle child of 7 kids in Northern California but trained both in Washington state and off the central coast  of California.  You can usually find me  hiking a trail or near a body of water. I am a joy chaser and I feel most at home when I am color coding my closet. I try to embrace a healthy dose of silliness in my life and practice yoga to keep my body and heart in sync.  

     I'm pretty passionate about this storytelling thing, especially when it gives a voice to underrepresented communities.  Shakespeare is totally my jam, but I'm also pretty obsessed with devising and developing new works both in theatre and film.  I'm passionate about cultivating consent forward spaces & coaching actors at my studio The WholeHearted Actor

       Lately, I'm filling my days visiting Mickey Mouse at his castle and snuggling my rescue puppy, Tucker, and rescue kitten Scamp. I love to laugh, eat cheese, drink coffee, cook, take photos and collect Christmas ornaments.  

A little something about me

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