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Clare Lopez- We are Her

Hello Friend!

        I'm overly fond of the color yellow. When I'm not  playing ukulele, or being paid to play make believe with children, I can be found baking, hiking a new trail, or reading a book in a cozy sweater. I'm girl who wears her heart on her sleeve, I'm known to experience ‘all the feels’ in any given situation (let's be honest, it's usually over a Dickens novel, or an episode of Parks & Rec).

     I grew up a middle child of 7 kids in Northern California but trained both in Washington state and off the central coast  of California.  You can usually find me  hiking a trail or near a body of water. I am a joy chaser and I feel most at home when I am color coding my closet. I try to embrace a healthy dose of silliness in my life and practice yoga to keep my body and heart in sync.  

     I'm pretty passionate about this storytelling thing, especially when it gives a voice to underrepresented communities.  Shakespeare is totally my jam, but I'm also pretty obsessed with devising and developing new works both in theatre and film.  I'm a classically trained singer, and I spend my weekends teaching or editing my latest script . 

       Lately, I'm filling my days visiting Mickey Mouse at his castle and snuggling my rescue puppy, Tucker. I love to laugh, eat cheese, drink coffee, cook, take photos and collect Christmas ornaments.  

A little something about me

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