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Clare provides a safe space for the actor to work. She has a lot of techniques at her disposal to help you get more out of the script than you can do on your own.   It's because of Clare that I always felt like my self tapes stood out from the crowd when I sent them in. 

 Clare guided me through the entire process of finding an agent, including picking headshots and writing a resume. 

Working with Clare has definitely helped improve my acting, book jobs, and find a great agent.  I can't recommend her enough and hope that every actor can experience her care, knowledge, and the joy that she brought to every session. 


Working with Clare has been an incredibly transformative and healing experience for me. She brought her years of experience and knowledge of the industry to the classroom and created such a safe and supportive environment where I felt encouraged to explore myself as an actor. I looked forward to her classes every week.
I wholeheartedly recommend Clare to anyone looking for an exceptional acting coach who is dedicated to nurturing talent and instilling a genuine love for the art of acting!


Clare's coaching style is characterized by warmth, understanding, and a wealth of experience. She has a unique ability to push you to be your best while remaining sensitive and caring throughout the process...


What sets Clare apart is her genuine passion for her craft and her unwavering dedication to her students. Her ability to create a safe and nurturing environment has allowed me to explore my potential and take risks without fear of judgment.


Over the past few years, I’ve had the pleasure of being coached by Clare. Three years ago, she took me in as “green” actress and helped me develop the skills I need to showcase my talent and begin my journey.


She is an amazing teacher and an even better human! Patient, kind, and encouraging are a few words I would use to describe her. Anyone would be lucky to have her as a coach!



Clare is a compassionate, hard working, talented, big hearted, teacher or coach. She is one of the most amazing coaches I have ever worked with.  I honestly can say, I am a better actor because of what I have learned from Clare. 


She actually cares about where you are on your acting journey and she always willing to help.  Always there to guide you to your fullest potential.  Seriously 11/10 she’s hands down one of the best teachers, coaches, people to have on your team.   


“As a teacher, performer, and overall human being, Clare is thoughtful, loyal, creative, perceptive, and incredibly hardworking. Clare is dedicated, passionate, and cares deeply for her students. She is competent, supportive, open-minded, and trustworthy - . She created a safe and welcoming environment where I felt like I could get out of my comfort zone and out of my own head, express my creativity, voice my opinions and concerns, and ask questions. The knowledge, invaluable skills, and confidence she has taught me throughout the years have truly helped me develop professionally and personally. 


"Clare coached me for a self tape submission for an agent.  She helped me get out of my head, live in the moment, and connect with my environment in a way that she then captured on tape.  She understood exactly what was needed for the scene we taped and made the process amazingly fun!  I was signed with the agent and could not have done so without her help.  I highly recommend Clare for any coaching and taping sessions, she's the best!"


Clare Lopez is an outstanding acting coach and instructor whose impact on her students is truly remarkable. Clare is an amazing educator and a true artist in her own right. With her innate kindness and understanding, she creates an environment in which students feel not only encouraged but also empowered to explore their potential. She has an extraordinary ability to connect with her students on a personal level, making each one feel valued and understood.

Her insights go beyond the surface, delving deep into the psychology of characters, enabling her students to portray them with authenticity and depth.


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