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A mindfulness community where actors can be their WHOLE selves.


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(yes, it is totally free)


FREE Weekly* messages from Clare to help inspire mindfulness & reflection for 
WholeHearted Actor

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FREE Tools and Resources for
The WholeHearted Actor

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FREE Weekly** meetings to unpack each weeks challenges and tools. A brave space for
WholeHearted Actor

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* The First WEEKLY EMAIL will launch November 1st!
** The First WEEKLY GATHERING will start November 7th!



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 In fifteen years as a working actor, I've noticed how unabashedly toxic our culture is in this industry. Whether it is perpetuating negative hustle culture – or the ‘starving artist’ identity – Theatre and Film spaces have been rife with problematic practices. Nowhere did I experience instructors who chose to combat this culture or even acknowledge how racist, ableist, fatphobic, transphobic and misogynistic it is. 
Years of experiencing this toxic culture have left me wondering:


Can we sustain a career as an actor – while supporting our needs as a human? 

My hope is that The WholeHearted Actor Community be the change we wish to see in the world. That together, we can be active disrupters to the harmful narrative we’ve inherited. While this organization will offer training in the acting CRAFT and support navigating the industry through COACHING – it is the COMMUNITY component that is the core of who we are. 

I adore Dr Brené Brown's definition of WholeHeartedness. And I believe that is exactly what we need to navigate our acting careers while sustaining our personal wellness. That we allow ourselves to focus on our connection- rather than our separateness. That we can approach our careers with gentleness and patience. So that when things get slow- or rejection feels common- NO thing can shake our enough-ness.


The WholeHearted Actor Community is here to support actors who are committed to working on their craft, building their careers, and all the while staying gentle with themselves as they navigate the industry.

A place where we can surround ourselves with actors who are tired of competing, and searching for belonging.  Because we know that deep down, storytellers need a good fire, and a circle of people around them to do their work.

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Founder, Coach, Human trying her best

“Wholehearted Living is about engaging in our lives from a place of worthiness. It means cultivating the Courage, Compassion, and Connection to wake up in the morning and think, no matter what gets done and how much is left undone, I am enough.”

- Brené Brown

Reserve A Coaching or Taping Session

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*​(In-Person & Virtual appointments available for all services)


  • NEW CLIENT SPECIAL:  $55/hr (first session 25% off)

  • TAPING & COACHING: $75/Hour 


  • HEADSHOT BRANDING SESSION$100/hour (includes pdf Look Book)

  • ACTOR PACKAGE REVIEW: $100/ 90 min

  • RESUME BUILD: $100 (includes a 60 min work session)

BIPOC  DISCOUNT: 20% off  - $60/hr

The pillars of what we do

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Wholehearted Actor (Instagram Post (Squa

Acting Technique for The WholeHearted Actor means building a process that is  personal and authentic. Exploring an amalgam of tools, to uncover the truth behind the text. It is our approach to encountering the text. And allowing the text to inform our choices in the scene. It is OUR process. Actors lead with exploration and curiosity - without judgment.

  • We are dedicated to making unapologetic choices.

  • We allow ourselves to stay open and available to new impulses and responses.

  • We believe that text lives within breath and the body.

  • We believe that each scene has unlimited interpretations.

  • We trust, that the only way to create grounded performances is through playful experimentation.

  • We are dedicated to creating tangible processes to step in the work that is both consistent and sustainable.

  • We trust that the truth lies within us- awaiting to be U N L O C K E D.

  • We know creating a thorough process allows us trust our work & leave it behind as we enter a scene.


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Thanks for reaching out! Looking forward to connecting with you!

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