I greatly admire and respect Clare’s devotion to her craft, diligence and passion as a story-teller, and her influence as a teacher and a coach.  Theater can be transformative.  Every scene study class with Clare was a discovery of the limits I could reach as a performer, and for that I will always be grateful.  

Binaifer Dabu

Breadcrumbs Productions Acting Student

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                            that the most effective learning experiences are engaging and fun, so I strive to balance the content of my classes with a healthy dose of silliness. My teaching comes from a place of great joy. I enjoy discovering new and effective ways to exchange ideas with my students, and am constantly energized by seeing my students succeed as actors and as people.  Acting is a practice. I strive for students to learn through diving into the work: immersing themselves in the material by getting on their feet and practicing each approach, not just talking about theories.  I love theatre, music, and movement and am passionate belief in its value to the world. I love this work! This passion translates into creative & engaging lesson plans that are unique and personal to me. I believe that arts education is a necessary component in creating a more compassionate world, and its collaborative atmosphere creates a shared experience of belonging.