I greatly admire and respect Clare’s devotion to her craft, diligence and passion as a story-teller, and her influence as a teacher and a coach.  Theater can be transformative.  Every scene study class with Clare was a discovery of the limits I could reach as a performer, and for that I will always be grateful.  

Binaifer Dabu

Breadcrumbs Productions Acting Student

Clare was my instructor and it was such a wonderful experience. She made me and everyone in the room feel comfortable within minutes. Clare made it a point to make sure we all knew it was a judgement free zone with open minds and open hearts. She had great warm up exercises that had a duel purpose as it also helped break the ice and allowed us to get to know each other in the room. She was very enthusiastic when it came to her feedback and never made anyone feel inept. I took additional classes with Clare because she is such a wonderful teacher and has a plethora of knowledge. 

Laura Stisster

Breadcrumbs Productions Acting Student

Clare Lopez is a natural when it comes to teaching acting methods. She's versatile, specific, knowledgeable, open hearted, generous, and creates an atmosphere of safety allowing students to take risks.  I've studied under her leadership multiple times and felt both challenged and supported!  

Madge E. Flynn

Breadcrumbs Productions Acting Student

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                            that the most effective learning experiences are engaging and fun, so I strive to balance the content of my classes with a healthy dose of silliness. My teaching comes from a place of great joy. I enjoy discovering new and effective ways to exchange ideas with my students, and am constantly energized by seeing my students succeed as actors and as people.  Acting is a practice. I strive for students to learn through diving into the work: immersing themselves in the material by getting on their feet and practicing each approach, not just talking about theories.  I love theatre, music, and movement and am passionate belief in its value to the world. I love this work! This passion translates into creative & engaging lesson plans that are unique and personal to me. I believe that arts education is a necessary component in creating a more compassionate world, and its collaborative atmosphere creates a shared experience of belonging.  

© 2020 by Clare Lopez  |  Orlando, FL

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