My writing just got published Elephant Journal today!

March 7, 2015

Hello world! My writing just got published Elephant Journal today! If you have time, please give it a read, and maybe a share? Read more at elephant journal 


An Excerpt is below:

I come from a world of GladWare

and Spy ware
and cable
The land of plastic, anthrax, cosmo
and reality T.V.
Where life is about high-speed
net work plans
and commercials.
The city of car bombs
Dirty bums, plaid pleated skirts
and gum covered sidewalks
The state of traffic, stress disorders
anxiety attacks—pill poppers
road blocking
and complaints to city hall
We measure ourselves by pay checks
and home wrecks, vandals and divorce
The place where anorexia and McDonald’s coexist.
With smog and bumper stickers
weed whackers and computer hackers
Prada purses and pick pockets
Front row seats and back alleys
Tax cuts, and lay offs
and offices with too little space.
and complaints when our coffee
has no foam.
A society where bitter closed off people
buy into chick flicks
And parents crowd their kids with visual clutter
and wonder where ADD comes from
I am not a revolutionary.
The outcasts
are just as conventional
as the “yes men”
I come from “privilege”
and I have shared a room with two people
A toast to the modern world.
To the wonder that the world makes of my life.
And I participate
and am guilty

I notice the breeze as I walk
I have not forgotten how a fresh pad of paper
feels to be written for the first time.
I make cookies
from scratch

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Best Lead Actress in a Play 
 Peter & The Starcatcher
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