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Opening The Thanksgiving Play at Urbanite Theatre

I am elated to be opening The Thanksgiving Play by Larissa FastHorse at Urbanite Theatre tonight! I am so humbled to be working on such a witty, smart, and hysterical piece of theatre with such a talented team of artists.

Great reviews are already coming in from

"As with any Thanksgiving celebration or any holiday celebrated with a food-fest, you have to have great recipes. The Thanksgiving Play brings you just that - something substantial, something sweet, something a bit salty and a little bit of spice."

For the Full review go: here.

Great reviews are already coming in from Sarasota Magazine

"Both playwright FastHorse and director Larissa Lury seem to know this type of well-meaning, overthinking type of theatrical collaboration well, and the cast plays it with just the right air of comic sincerity and intensity."

For the full review go: here.

And from The Herald-Tribune:

"As the vapid and self-aware Alicia, Clare Lopez works wonders with vacant looks. She fills her free moments by staring at ceilings or out windows. In one of the show’s best scenes, she tries to teach Logan how to let go and do the same."

And for More reviews from the Herald-Tribune go: here.

And More reviews from go: here.

The Thanksgiving Play runs from now until December 15. For Tickets go here.

Cast includes: Clare Lopez, Genevieve Simon, Paul Michael Thomson, and Eric Leonard. . . . . Photo Credit: Dylan Jon Wade Cox Photography . Artistic Director: Brendan Ragan Artistic Director: Summer Dawn Wallace Playwright: Larissa FastHorse Director: Larissa Lury Production Manager: Ryan Finzelber Stage Manager: Nick Catanzaro Scenic Designer: Frank Chavez Lighting Designer: Joseph P. Oshry Costume Designer: Dee Sullivan Sound Designer: Rew Tippin Props Master: Steve Patmagrian Fight Choreography: Diego Villada Videography: India Marie Paul

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