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THE MUSIC OF ELAINE PECHACEK - Featuring Clare Lopez and Molly Schoolmeester

Elaine Pechacek, award winning composer & playwright, is proud to present an encore concert performance of song selections from the recent Dr. Phillips Center production of her and Katie Hammond's musical SEASONS. The evening will feature recent cast members: Clare Lopez and Molly Schoolmeester, along with Elaine Pechacek performing a few selected song with some anecdotes about the musical's history and creation.

The second half of the evening will showcase numbers from her other collaborative works as well as songs from her internationally acclaimed musical, THE LADY JULIANA, with special guests: Beki Herrbach, Candy Marilyn Heller, and Mallory Robson.

Tickets are $10 online, $15 at the door - Doors open at 7:35pm

For Tickets Go here

For the official Broadway world Announcement go here.

Learn more about the event go here.

Beer, wine, and refreshments availble for purchase

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