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Now Coaching at Book From Tape

It's really quite silly, sharing this so late, but I can't NOT shout out to the rooftops, how excited I am to officially be working with Book from Tape! I'm elated that I get to exercise my skills as a multi-hat wearing queen: teaching adult and youth classes this fall AND working as a private coach and reader for all your audition taping needs. \

Film and TV casting is turning to self-taping more and more often, leading actors away from the in-person experience. Actors are now tasked with being both actor AND director, having a great studio setup, and making bold (yet grounded) choices that will lead to more and more requests from Casting.

That's Where We Come In.

As a team of actors and teachers (with acting backgrounds), we empower actors with the tools they need to make a lasting impression through tape. Our #1 goal is to strengthen those acting muscles that will keep you impulsive, truthful, and engaging on camera. Our 2nd goal (a bi-product of the first) is to get you booked so you can make money and build your career. And our 3rd goal is help you manage that career by seeing yourself as a small business and approaching your branding, online presence, relationships, and professional growth appropriately.

Here's what's new...

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