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El Principito | The Little Prince at Mad Cow

I'm elated to share that I will be performing one of my all time favorite plays of all time, The Little Prince at Mad Cow Theatre. I will be reading for the Fox and other characters in this staged reading style performance.

By Antoine de Saint-Exúpery | Adapted & Directed by Eliana Stratico

An aviator in disgrace in the Sahara desert, a boy, a surprising encounter. Sometimes life shows us a new way to look at things, a new way to look at ourselves. There are other worlds out there, creatures we do not imagine that exist; there are desires and needs. And suddenly, we realize that there might be happiness in a drawing, inside a box, in the eyes filled with questions, in the answers that we find in love.

Sometimes we lose the route, sometimes we forget that there is a unique rose somewhere in the universe.

This bilingual version of The Little Prince, El Principito, reinforces the idea that a story of beauty and friendship do not accept language barriers. Friendship is water in the middle of the desert of our lives.

Performances are June 25 & 26 and tickets are $12

For tickets please go: Here

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