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Windfall Episodes Released!

I’ve been aching for this day to arrive! Our first 2 Episodes of our Science-fiction Audio Drama, Windfall are officially here! I’m so beyond grateful to have worked with Rogue Dialogue Productions and co-creators Christie Donato & Bob Raymonda along with the incomparable Audio Engineer / Composer Adam Raymonda.

{My Character Pavlima appears in Episode 2}

For our first #WindfallWednesday we've released:

Episode 1.01: "Bottom Feeder" &

Episode 1.02: "Pickpocket"

Everything is available Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, Spotify, and more. Listen and subscribe here Here’s a little teaser of episode 1.01 below.

Special thank to the amazing cast who I’ve had the honor of collaborating with: Michael Antico, Bob Frame, Emily Battles, Mallory Roach,

Mohr H Cornelius, Tanner Efinger, Krystal Osborne, JP Miller, Josh Rubino, Lilli Komurek, Matthew Gordon, Casey Callaghan, Sheirel Mordaunt, Vanessa Vaché, Nadia LS, Jessica Georgina Clark, Marcus Xavier Stewart, Michael Paunovski

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