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Wrapped recording Windfall

This week has been such a gift! I taught my last Acting Class with Breadcrumbs Productions, and traveled to Buffalo for another Feature Film Audition. But I think perhaps my greatest accomplishment of this week is wrapping recording sessions for the audio play Windfall.

I’m so thankful to be working on such a juicy and dynamic role in this production. I wrapped recording the role of Pavlima in Season 1 Of Windfall with Rogue Dialogue Productions. I love every second of being in this studio- the story is so well crafted by Bob Raymonda and Christie Donato, and the stunning soundscape and masterful audio work by Adam Raymonda is already giving me chills. My heart goes out to this cast— who’ve come from the regions of Syracuse, Auburn, Utica, and NYC— each and every one of you are so beautifully talented— thank you for going on this journey with all of us!

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