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Cast in Audio Play: Windfall

I’m so thrilled to announce I’ve been cast in a recurring role of Pavlima in the new audio play: Windfall. And today marks my first official day of production with Rogue Dialogue Productions! Im so grateful to be branching out into a new genre! This week we record Season 1 — so look out for it’s release as a podcast this fall! I am especially thankful to the creators Bob Raymonda & Christie Donato for writing and directing such an amazing story and Adam Raymonda for his stunning sound design and engineering.

About the Story...

"Windfall is the story of Cas and Kendall, two low-level criminal enforcers navigating life on the surface of a giant city. Hounded by the Wolfpac, the cult-like police force of the city's god-queen, Wanda, Cas and Kendall are given a choice: take down their dangerous employer and protect their newfound family, or maintain the status quo. "

Here's what's new...

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