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Joining the Production team on Look Now Documentary on Breast Cancer

I am beyond honored to be joining the documentary Look Now: Facing Breast Cancer. Today I had the honor of working as a make up artist and support a cause and a message I care deeply about. Many of my dear theatre friends based in California (who've worked PCPA - Pacific Conservatory Theatre) recall, I lost a dear friend and mentor Patricia Troxel to Breast Cancer. This woman, her work, and her artistry has forever shaped my heart and my journey and creative path, and I feel so very deeply grateful to be able to participate in a project that seeks to lend support, solidarity and celebrate the remarkable women who have battled, braved, and lived joyously through this incredibly painful disease.

Look Now: Facing Breast Cancer is a photo exhibition of breast cancer survivors using a series of clothed and bare chest portraits, and an accompanying interactive documentary. The multimedia project aims to break down the barrier between a survivor’s public persona and their private struggles with the disease. The project was started by Tula Goenka, who is a breast cancer survivor. She is also a filmmaker, author, human rights activist and professor at the Newhouse School at Syracuse University.

We are still seeking participants! If you would like to get involved, and join the project- please read more in this article here or email Tula Goenka at

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