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Year of Yes

Hello dear friends! As you may know, today is my birthday and brings my “Year Of Yes” to a close. I’m so honored and grateful for everything this year has brought me. With over 60 days spent in rehearsal, and performing over 30 performances with some stunning companies: Red House Arts Center, Baldwinsville Theatre Guild, Theatre Du Jour, & Stageworks Theatre. I also had a blast saying yes to my film debut— and spent over 45 days in film production. I got to perform lead roles in 12 Days With God & Setesh Feature Film, and supporting in Salt City. I got to work on 6 commercials (thank you Congruent Story. CNY Mode & AMS Models) and taught 25 classes (Merry-Go-Round Youth Theatre)! I got to attend 18 workshops and networking events and managed to get to audition in dozens of in person and film auditions. I said yes to another year with my fella and clocked over 21,000 miles in travel! I am so grateful to have been apart of launching Breadcrumbs Productions & getting to dive headfirst into my role as a moderator of a Syracuse’s Film group here on FB (yes 2k members!). I got to audition and perform my first plays in Florida and do something incredibly new and terrifying— perform entirely in Spanish. While by no means have things been simple or gigs easy to come by— I’m so grateful to have encountered SO many lovely opportunities both in the industry and personally. Thank you all for such a beautiful end of this Year of Yes— and a stunning way to celebrate a birthday. What should this next year be?

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