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A Castle For Emily Campaign

So excited to share that we have just launched our official campaign for our short film A Castle For Emily to raise $6,000. Its been such an honor to work as both a Producer, Assistant Director and Costume Designer on this project and I am so excited we are in the fund raising phase of production.

About Our Story

"When Ana and Emily's beloved mother dies suddenly, their lives are irrevocably changed. Searching for a new start, their father decides to move the family into a new home. As the girls explore the house, strange and unexplainable events occur — and true motives are revealed. A Castle For Emily is a story of sisterhood, and survival...and how the secrets we choose to bury will ultimately be our undoing.

About Us

We are a team of award-winning, powerhouse women. Based in Central New York, our mission is simple: to tell truthful stories that shed light on the unvoiced realities of the world, and allow better representation of minority communities. Combined, we have over 30 years of experience in photography, film, direction, writing and acting. We're honored to be working with a talented team of professionals that bring with them a wide range of skills."

Please share or donate/ like our page/ or invite a friend to. Every little bit goes to helping local talent and filmmakers continue self sustaining careers, and encourages Syracuse based artists to continue self producing.

Thank you so much for making this journey possible <3 LINK:

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