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Producing "A Castle For Emily"

I am so excited to share that I am officially a producer on the short horror film A Castle For Emily. Written and Directed by Megan Reed. Co-adapted for the screen and Director of Photography by Brittany Wait. The fabulous production team includes Jenn Grzyvinsky, and John Gintyand a dozen more local artists and technicians that make up an incomparable cast and crew. I am so honored to be producing, editing, and making a cameo in this beautifully told story.

A Castle for Emily- A Horror film based on the award winning short story by Megan Reed of the same name. A Castle for Emily is a short film written & produced in Syracuse, NY.

Synopsis: 'Ana must shield her sister Emily from the hidden brutality of the world without their mother. Attempting to escape the past, they join their father to look at an old house that may become their new home. But every house has a story, and every new beginning comes with a price...'

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