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Cast in upcoming Netflix Series- Daddy's Girl Club!

I'm excited to share that have recently been cast in the new TV Series Daddy's Girl Club with Alemaedae Theater Productions directed by Phil Davis Sr. which will be airing on Nexflix in 2018. I will be playing the supporting role of Missy and will be shooting the trailer this month, and episodes for Season 1 in Buffalo, NY in October.

About the Series: (excepts taken from the official website)

"Daddy issues are universal and exist no matter your age, ethnic background, gender or financial status. This show not only focuses on the women with daddy issues but men who have them as well. Several characters deal with various issues such as domestic violence, depression, abandonment, substance abuse, sexual assault and molestation, among others. This show was created to not only bring attention to these problems but act as a healing mechanism for those who suffer from these issues. A few of the central characters throughout the series take advantage of counseling services, including but not limited to interpersonal therapy and anger management and the show displays the benefits thereof. Each character’s story in the series reveals how some of them overcome these problems in spite of their issues.

​The series has recently collaborated with and donated part of proceeds from one of our screenings to Crisis Services. As we continue to promote our project, we will be hosting events in collaboration with organizations that help individuals affected by the various issues the characters in the show deals with.

Please feel free to visit and like the Series Pages:

Official Website:


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