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Wrapped Principal Photography on 12 Days with God

My heart is so full. 5 months ago I appeared for my first cold read film audition- and had never met a single person on the team producing the film. I met writer and director John Ginty—who amazingly entrusted me in this amazing role, portraying a strong, resilient, and dynamic real life person Lisa M Quinones-Sherman. And I cant believe we have now wrapped on principal photography on my second feature film, and first lead role in 12 Days With God with Paragon Found Productions. I can’t believe the remarkable journey and deep honor its been to be a part of such an amazing team of artists, and having the privilege of playing such an incredible role. To say I am thankful is an understatement. These people plucked me out of an open call audition and gave me the chance to learn and grow in a field of artistry that I’ve have so very little exposure—and gave me such an incredibly education and foundation in the world of filmmaking. I loved my cast of local talent and am so grateful to you for welcoming me to the film community—but I am so especially amazed by how loving and supportive this crew has been to my work. How nurturing they have been to my process, and how safe they made me feel in diving deep into the emotional well that is this film. They gave me a safe space and and showed such kindness- and freed me to be raw and vulnerable in front of a camera. They took the time to make sure each shot, each take, and each moment held to their incredibly high standards. I can’t believe I wont get to see you every day…but I am so eager to see our beautiful film blossom and come together. I hope and pray we get to work together again soon. Thank you so much.

John Ginty- Writer/ Director / Producer

Brittany Wait - Director of Photography

Lynnea Ginty - Production Coordinator

Jacob Greenfeld - Cinematographer

Megan Reed - SFX Make Up and All Around Make Up

Alana Webb - Script Supervisor

Todd Torrance - Sound Engineer

Jenn Grzyvinsky - Behind the Scenes photography

Addison Spears - Marketing

Jack Sale- Grip

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