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More Positive Reviews of Peter & the Starcatcher

So excited to share yet another positive review of Peter and the Starcather at Baldwinsville Theatre Guild. This excerpt comes from The Syracuse New Times, written by James Mackillop. To read the full review follow the link here.

"As the Neverland is pursuing a safer if slower route to Rundoon, Lord Aster and Molly join it. Aster reveals secrets to Molly in Dodo, a language comprehensible only to them and the extinct bird. He places an amulet around his and Molly’s throats. She must touch it if ever she is in trouble. Molly is also an apprentice Starcatcher.


Director Colin Keating does not run many shows, but he has a proven eye for quality and talent. Clare Lopez, just arrived in town, makes for a saucy, spunky Molly. "

Photo by Amelia Beamish of AB Photography

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