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Tour With ArtSpot

I am so excited to be writing from my home in Sacramento. The first leg of my tour with ArtSpot has reached is end. I'm so proud of this show and the cast and team or artists who made it all possible. I've seen so much in this little journey and can't believe we've performed 25 shows in 5 countries over the course of just 40 days of travel. And now, I'm on my first break back in the United States.

I'm so humbled by this experience, the world and its people are so vast and varied. I'm so grateful to be a part of it, and so eager to allow myself to bring this ever evolving and growing self back to my most loved and precocious ones. A time to rest, reconnect, rejuvenate, and enjoy simple and slower things surrounded by people I love.

Below are some photos from one of our performances at IGB International School in Selangor, Malaysia

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