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Adventures with ArtSpot

I am really looking forward to my upcoming contract with ArtSpot, and international touring company based in Buenos Aries, Argentina.

Founded in Argentina in 1997, ArtSpot is a professional touring theatre company. With deep roots in educational theatre and ELT (English Language Teaching), ArtSpot creates and performs original work and adapted classics for young audiences around the world; combining musical theatre, physical comedy, and meaningful stories in its own fresh and distinctive way.

Starting in January, I will be spend a year and a half touring the world in the musical D'artagnan Defending the Crown as Princess Anne. I will be performing in over 13 countries including: Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, Mexico, Colombia, Costa Rica, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Oman, Qatar, Malasia, China, Taiwan and Hong Kong.

Here's what's new...

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