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Closing my Chapter with Merry-Go-Round Playhouse

After 2.5 seasons, and 2 summers with Merry Go Round Playhouse, today I work my final day on tour. 🎭🎠 🚐

I'm so grateful for this opportunity and for the chance to meet some amazing and talented people. 3 years ago I was sitting in a hotel room, meeting Lisa Myers for the first time. Since then I've toured 9 productions and 4 workshops. Some of my productions include: The Golden Goose, Long House, Once Upon a Wolf, The Happy Circus, The Paper bag Princess, Alice In Wonderland, Emilia & The Heart of the Amazon. I've gotten more than my feet wet here in Auburn, NY. I've gotten the chance to travel and see so many amazing places. See you next time in the merry go round!

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