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On Tour: Emilia and the Heart of the Amazon

Its official! I am on tour with my next production at Merry-Go-Round Playhouse's Youth Theatre: Emilia and the Heart of the Amazon. I am so excited to be starting my third season on tour with MGR and to be playing the title role of Emilia. I am currently teaching fifth grade students across New York state about the Amazon Rainforest, and all the ways they can be more involved in creating a better planet. This show will be touring now through December!

Synopsis below:

"Meet Emilia, the daughter of a conservation scientist. Emilia is precocious, adventurous and resourceful. When her father falls ill in the middle of the Brazilian rainforest, Emilia ventures out into the jungle in search of the Cinchona tree, whose bark and leaves could save his life. Along the way she meets a young boy from the Ticuna Tribe who reluctantly agrees to serve as her guide; a pair of goofy spider monkeys who, despite their good intentions, may just do more harm thangood: a jaguar who is as elusive as he is mysterious; and a beautiful Morpho butterfly whose changing shape teaches her the wisdom of the heart of the Amazon. When a construction team sent to build a hydroelectric dam threatens to destroy the forest and the lives of those within, Emilia and her friends must join forces to stop them before all is lost. Learn how an American girl, a Brazilian boy, and all of Earth’s creatures and natural resources are connected – and why preserving the rainforest is more important now than ever.

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