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Musical Comedy Murders of 1940 wins 6 Awards from TANYS

The Auburn Players Community Theatre is pleased to announce that the Theater Association of New York (TANYS) has awarded our production of The Musical Comedy Murders of 1940 with six TANYS awards. As part of TANYS’ services is adjudication. Adjudication provides an outside eye that allows our productions not only to bring applause, but also to grow.

TANYS awards are given in three categories, Meritorious Achievement, Excellence, and Outstanding Achievement. The Musical Comedy Murders of 1940 received four awards for Excellence, and two awards for Outstanding Achievement. We are proud of this cast and crew.

TANYS highest award is the Outstanding Achievement award for demonstrating quality rarely seen on stage.

Adjudicator Nelson also complimented the wonderful cast of the show, that was able to work so well together in this ensemble piece. In a show where the entire company must be on stage practically the entire time, Nelson was impressed how the cast was able to interact so naturally and without weaknesses.

Excellence in Scenic and Costume Design and Execution to Virginia Fennessy

Excellence in Direction to Bob Frame

Excellence in Overall Production Value to Bob Frame and the Production Staff

Excellence in Ensemble Acting to the Cast

Outstanding Acting to Katie Bruno for her portrayal of Helsa Wenzel

Outstanding Acting to Michael Antico for his portrayal of Eddie McCuen

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