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Awarded 2nd place in Drama from the Santa Maria Arts Council

I will be performing at Santa Maria Arts Council Grants Showcase at the Abel Maldonado Center in recognition of my 2nd place award in Drama.The Santa Maria Arts Council is a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting the arts and enriching cultural life on the Central Coast. The Council instituted the Grants in 1972 to help identify, encourage, and offer monetary support to local artists as they grow in their art. By offering public recognition and financial help to developing artists, the grants increase the pool of artists and invigorate the arts in our area. The grants may be used for artistic development, and cover expenses such as tuition, public transportation to school, private lessons, or the purchase of instruments, tools and supplies. The Judges select two individuals in each category who demonstrate outstanding talent and have immediate goals that are attainable and consistent with the Santa Maria Arts Council objectives. Artistic promise, potential to grow as an artist, and the ability to contribute to the arts in this region are considered.These grants support emerging individual artists

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