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Santa Maria Women's Network Award

Clare was nominated, and awarded a scholarship by The Santa Maria Women’s Network, whose awards are meant to honor women who have contributed greatly to our community.The Santa Maria Women’s Network would like to recognize those women in our community who have contributed with strength of character, personal growth, past work, and vision for the future.

The SMWN awards women who have worked in the face of personal limitations or external barriers, who is generous in spirit, and who often inspires those around her.Clare was awarded a scholarship in the category of: WOMEN TAKING CREATIVE RISKSThis award honors creativity, courage, and strength of character. Nominees will be women who accept creative challenges and achieve work that has a significant impact on their community. Women in this category persist in finding ways to succeed in extreme circumstanced, pioneer in nontraditional occupations, or stand up for their principles. These women often dedicate their lives to a unique field of work.PCPA student gets a scholarship"The Santa Maria Women’s Network recently presented its community scholarships, including the first-ever award to a PCPA Conservatory student. Clare Lopez was among 26 applicants for the scholarship and was selected based on her hard work and enthusiasm in the conservatory, as well as having received her BA in music and theater arts from St. Martin’s University in Washington State, graduating magna cum laude, and for her volunteer work in the community.Lopez plans to use the $500 grant for a gym membership to build up her stamina to help her with the conservatory’s physical demands. The money will also go toward updating her headshots and other expenses as she prepares to embark on her professional career.Lopez is returning to PCPA this fall as a second-year student in the two-year conservatory actor training"Santa Maria Sun BY SHELLY CONE

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