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Burning Within

 A full lenth serio-comedy written and workshopped in 2012 with the PCPA Acting Conservatory. Carrie is a former painter living in Walla Walla, WA with her fiancé David when she discovers her estranged sister Annie has been killed in a freak accident. When she reads Annie’s last manuscript, Carrie is transported back in time and forced to face the shadows of her past and choose between marriage with David or a chance at fulfilling her dreams as a painter. Through Annie’s death, and the legacy of her writings, Carrie must find the courage to forgive herself, and find peace with pain of her childhood. This serio-comedy explores bond of sisterhood, the belief in Art, and the path to love. 

Video segments of the staged reading of Burning Within  (formally Phoenix) in 2012 - as filmed by Orion Isaac.
Narrator: Ambre Shoneff, Carrie: Molly Stilliens, David: Josh Cornell, Annie: Jasmin Sim, Jason: Lefras Le Roux

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