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Training & Taping
with Clare


                            in working in collaboration with actors' own instincts and explorations. I lead my coaching practice from the heart.  Each day that I get to dive into scripts, and build up an actors practice - I am filled with pure joy.

              I love digging into text with actors to support them finding their most truthful and connected interpretations. 

        I lead through trauma informed practices that honor each actors boundaries and agency. I have trained with Intimacy Directors & Coordinators and and have trained on Consent Forward Practices, DEI, Anti-Racisim, and Anti-Bias, and I am passionate about my on-going training in these areas.

             I have an in depth background in script analysis and process work, but my personal process is an amalgam of many methodologies.    I believe that there is no one 'right way' to step into the work. And that the only way we can determine the most exciting choice, is by getting on our feet and playing it. I trust how essential it is to honor the actor's instrument, and to find where the text lives in the breath and the body.

           And I am grateful to support actors through offering many different tools  through physical exploration,  improvisation,  imaginative work, and character physicality and environment, and so much more. I lead with exploration - with the goal of uncovering the actor's most honest and authentic expression of the scene.

           As a coach, I believe that every actor's path is different. My only role in mentoring an actor's career, is to support their unique voice by offering tools to make sure their materials  reflect their strongest work. 
          I believe that actors are first and foremost, storytellers - and each actor has a story that only they can tell.  And I am forever grateful to be a part of that journey.

I believe

Clare Lopez
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